Ahron HaCohen’s Success Story

How much are our Kiruv efforts worth, and how many fruits does it bear?

Rosh Chodesh Av is the Yhorzeit of Ahron Hacohen, and symbolizes his characteristics:

הוי מתלמידיו של אהרן הכהן, אוהב שלום ורודף שלום, אוהב את הבריות ומקרבן לתורה.

Here is an interesting  excerpt from the  Midrash Tanna Devei Eliyahu, whose author is

אליהו הנביא זכור לטוב.

“Ahron Hacohen knew of himself that were he to delve singularly in Torah,   he would  aspire to the greatest realms, but instead he trudged from one door to the next and teach Jews to read Shema, daven and learn Torah” (13;3)

And not just Ahron HaKohen, but anybody following his ways
.and will merit
(ibid 13;4)

Your support has helped us reach many Kiruv achievements. Here are some of them:

Moshav BarGiyora –the 24th Moshav

Moshav Bargiyora is coming alive with a new Shiur for it’s youth. It’s close  proximity to Beitar Illit  means that the wonderful Madrich comes from Beitar Illit.

Two boys come from the neighboring Kibutz Tzur Hadassa, a Moshav completely alien to Torah Umitzvot. Already in the first Shiur one boy asked many provoking questions in Emunah, and left the Shiur with a  fresh spiritual tranquility. We have awarded him with a colorful book dealing with these questions   to relieve  his uncertainties.

Luzit Ladies Shiur

Yesterday I had the profound pleasure of visiting the Luzit ladies Shiur. This is a Shiur I closed for a five month period in order to reopen it with a different Rebbitzen, who would draw a younger crowed.

The host of the Shiur this week was Mrs. Daddon, wife to former Mayor of the whole Mate Yehuda region. Fifteen ladies, whose interest in Torah a month ago was nil, were praising the Rebbitzen to me with flying colors. I spoke shortly about Ahavat and Sinat Chinam, and that a women can have Hashem in mind all day, from cooking to jogging. A real Nachat Ruach to see.

Project “Surfing the internet Responsibly”

This project is intended to imbue the teens with a healthier  standard of moral behavior, by getting them to willingly filter their smartphones from immoral or violent context. The “Netspark” company, with its dynamic filtering solutions, has entrusted us with the application and removal abilities of the filtering  app, thus making it impossible for these fine  boys  to accidently indulge in indecent programs. Thirty five boys are presently geared to the Netspark Smartphone filter  ,for which I praise my Madrichim  for their close companionship and trust with the  boys. We are aiming to have a snowball effect on the next batch of boys in the upcoming months.(2 pictures)


Let us all together pray that Hashem bestow upon all of us to feel His Presence in the Bet Hamikdash, and bring us all together with Mashiach Tziskenu Amen.

In the meantime we aim to add Moshavim and Shiurim to save Am Yisroel from the many perils in our surroundings.

Your donations are truly appreciated as ever, please send to the addresses below

My appreciation as ever,

Nosson Kohn

Jeep trailing for the "Surfing internet Responsibly" group
Jeep trailing for the “Surfing internet Responsibly” group
Nissim Cohen , a Moshav boy, speaking at a Moshav Siyum
Nissim Cohen , a Moshav boy, speaking at a Moshav Siyum
Earning  Raffel Tickets for depositing their cell phones during the Shiur.
Earning Raffel Tickets for depositing their cell phones during the Shiur.

Lag Baomer-Rabbi Shimon Ben Yochei’s Prophecy

Next week Motzei Shabbos we will be celebrating Lag Baomer. Why do we rejoice with Rabbi Shimon Ben Yochai on Lag Baomer? What’s all the fuss about?

Rabbi Shimon Ben Yochai prophesied (Masechet  Shabbbos 138:b)  that the Torah wouldn’t be forgotten from Am Yisrael, and so it’s obvious that he bears responsibility for it’s happening. Just imagine someone in the high ranks of the government works hard to pass a law that there would be no more poverty in their country- we would obviously expect him to see that it works out that way.

So we rejoice With Rabbi Shimon that is an obvious drive behind so many people finding their way back to Hashem and His Torah.

And so I’m sure that you, as a supporter of our Kiruv movement are a part and parcel of that prophecy. Congratulations! And Tizkeh Lemitzvot.

Your support of. Belev Echad is the life line to 23 Moshavim with over 100 weekly Shiurim. Belev Echad is not beating out a new track, nor kindling a new torch, but rather widening the narrowed path for many followers to join, and adding fuel to the diminishing glimmer of that ancient torch.

Take the story of Ofek as an example.

Ofek was a secular boy from Moshav Gefen, who had just finished the army who started coming to our Shiur in his Moshav.

Rabbi Eliyahu gave him a warm welcome, a broad smile, and invited him to sit up front. For three quarters of a year, Ofek was an irregular visitor to the Shiur. That’s till he decided to try his luck in Chicago, joining a removal truck company, and trying to build up his future. One day he received in the mail a Halachic book with a note from Rav Eliyahu and myself, telling him that many of his past friends had not forgotten him.


Fortunately for him the Golden America didn’t shower him with success and he returned after one year to his homeland to join a Baal Teshuvah Yeshivah in Yerushalyim. He met his wife, a Baalat Teshuvah from Ashdod seven years ago. Now a number of years later Ofek and his wife settled in his own Moshav Gefen and he has taken on leadership responsibility inspiring his family, friends and follow residents as well. Since then, Harav Ofek leads the Shabbat Davening in Shul, Lains the Sefer Torah, leads two Tehillim groups Shabbat afternoon, and answers basic questions in Halacha and Minhagim. Harav Ofek helps us open up new Shiurim to the satisfaction of many friends, and building up the whole Kehillah.

Kol Tuv

Nosson Kohn.

Soon after Shevuot (May 29- June 20) I will be visiting the USA and Manchester( in England). I hope to meet you, thank you personally and add some more stories, time permitting. If I don’t manage to see you then, please donate online or at the below addresses.

Wishing you a happy and meaningful Lag Baomer,

With appreciation,

Nosson Kohn

Shiur in Tzlafon
Shiur in Tzlafon
Shiur in Tirosh
Shiur in Tirosh
Girls from Zacharia saying Tehillim
Girls from Zacharia saying Tehillim